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May 2016....Simon Pears granted "Freeman of London"

Feb 2016...The follow up of sn inscription on a gravestone of an ancestor in Trichinopoly has led to some very interesting stories. Preliminary research shows him on the battelefield of Saratoga (American Revolution/Independence) and also under the command of the Duke of Wellington. His family  connections appear to go back to the very early settlers of Quebec.  Will update here when ready to publish full story

Nov 2015...A good insight into the Bussell family around 1851 can be gleamed from this newspaper article of the time reporting a case of ;Breach of Promise' brought by Adelaide Bussell.

Feb 2015...Old Guest book now defunct... new one started
Nov 2014...migrated the site to a new place. Please change all references you have for to The old site (fsworld) will no longer be maintained and will become defunct at some time in the future.

1st December 2012:
A friend of mine, Peter Selley, discovered that John Bussell and Christina SJ married each other twice in  the same year. Bussell page updated with the puzzle.

3rd November 2012: Obtained the will of George Bussell (husband of Hester) made in 1689. It was short and simple. Confirmed the names of children.

20th October 2012: Bussell and Tree page updated. Wills of Thomas Bussell from 1728 and Hester Bussell from 1702 deciphered and new information added

25th July 2012: Updated Pears Links page with Rhys Dowling (grandson of Dunstan Pears) - Australian Junior Squash champion.

12th June 2012:
Bussell page updated.  Some new photographs of Devon and a small write up about the earlier Bussells and Bartletts added.

23 March 2012:
Bussell page updated with additional photographs kindly provided by Teresa Brown.

5 March 2012: Tree and Bussell page updated with information of Bartletts of Exeter.

26 February 2012: Found details of Jeremiah Coghlan. Born Rathcormac, Co Cork. See Coghlans for more details.

February 2012:
Several updates to Bussell page.

17th January 2012:
Updated Tree with details of Peter Waters (b1814 Derynuse, Co. Armagh) and with a sketch of his life in the army (63rd Foot).

13th January 2012: Eureka! Had been searching for occupation/profession of Warwick Dashwood Bussell for years...suddenly found it. See Bussell page.

3rd January 2012: Information about JJ de Mey and HJ Buse, plantation owners in Berbice in the early 1800s,  has been added to the Bussell side of the family.

Dec 2011: Admiral SIR Charles Henry Coke, K.C.V.O., Royal Navy (2 November, 1854 – 23 February, 1945) was a nephew of Warwick Dashwood Bussel; son of his sister Adelaide. WD Bussell was a great grandfather of George Pears. In other words one of the Admiral's grandfathers (John Bussell) is an ancestor of this Pears family through Maude (Coghlan) Pears.

More information available on 'The Bussels' page.



Most places connected with the family are in South India and England, places in India such as Madras, Bangalore, Cuddalore, Coonoor, Ootacamund, Trichinopoly, Tanjore, Madura, Pondicherry, Negapatam, Villupuram.   Note that these names are the names used in British India. Many of these have changed to Indianised versions in recent years.
in Devon England (Heavitree, St Sidwells, Teignmouth, Colebrooke, Whipton) and  Berbice in the West Indies.


Family names

Family names from the past include: Pears, Wood, Coghlan, Coke, Rabel, Gallyot, Bussell, Peppin, Waters, White, Jones,  Coelho, Mulder,  de Mey (de Meij), Norrish, Coke, Adams, Bartlett, Buse, Penny.


1. The beginnings

This site has been developed  to provide information about this Pears family and their connections.A school project for Bethany, to do a family tree, got us started. We began by tracing the line of George Pears  (Bethany's great grandfather).

We came up with 3 generations. After its initial use as a school project, inquisitiveness got the better of us and a quest was started  (not obsessively)   to trace the family back as far as we could. Bethany's grandfather took over the project as researcher and as webmaster.

For identity protection purposes the site does not contain any detailed linkages or connections to individuals later than about 1930. 


2. The story so far

As of 2011 we have been able to trace some lines to the early 1600s, some twelve generations from the current generation. If we found every ancestor that far back we will have to find approximately 4096 (yes twelve generations ago one would have had around 4096 ancestors). We have found about 10 definites from the 1700s and a few  maybes. Still work in progress.

In tracing back a family's past there is always the chance of finding a few skeletons or coming across something like "we are descended from or related to royalty or someone famous". Remember the 4096 ancestors mentioned in the previous paragraph, well if we had a famous ancestor say 500 years ago, we would also have had another 32767 that kept a low profile. Click here for an interesting and entertaining article on this subject of ancestors written by Brian Pears (no relation as far as we can tell)

3. Skeletons and noteworthies?

Thus far no skeletons have rattled  nor have any very famous names popped up.

Some ancestors found, lead back to the East India Company. Charles White (d 1813) was a Lieutenant in the 7th Bombay NI and   Warwick Dashwood Bussell was a Sergeant Major with the 3rd Madras Light Cavalry in Bangalore. Also in Bangalore was Jeremiah Coghlan (sergeant) with Madras 2nd Light Infantry and Peter Waters was with 63rd Foot. 

The Bussell family were both a prominent and wealthy Devon family. Prominent descendants include Admiral Coke noted for the part he played in the  Lusitania incident and David Ronald de Mey Warren, the inventor of  the aircraft blackbox.

4. More information available

A lot of information is available from the Tree page. It is filled with links to further information about a person or to places with a connection. Please refer to that page and click on the provided links.

schreyvogel's mission

Lindau to Trichinopoly
Schreyvogel's Mission- a historical biography set in the early 1800s

Still Looking For:

Confirmation of place and date of birth of  Frederick Joseph Pears (circa 1850 possibly Magna Dalby Leicestershitre)

Place of birth of Ethelinda Gallyot, b 1864, (wife of FJP)

Place of birth of Wilfred Joseph Pears, b1882, son of FJP

Place and date of birth of Thomas Alexander Wood circa 1850

Any news at all on James & Mary Peppin mother of Mathilda Mary Wood, wife of Thomas Alexander Wood

Family name of  Elizabeth who married Jeremiah Coghlan ~ 1850 in Bangalore..

Any news at all of Mary Ann??  (circa 1820) wife of Peter Waters.

Any news at all of Alexandrina Helena Coelho (circa 1810s), wife of Eugene Marie Gallyot

Any news at all of Johanna Charlotte Mulder (circa 1810s), wife of Henry Edward White

Place of birth of Anthony Rabel (b 1814), father of Clement Rabel.



Honeyland House now a recentlyclosed Exeter NHS Children's Care home was owned and lived in by the Bartlett and Bussell family.

A bookcase belonging to John Bussell was recently acutioned at Christies for £32000. 

JJ de Mey and HJ Buse were plantation owners in Berbice in the early 1800s.


We are indebted to the many people who found us on the net and gave us additioanl information of interest. We will be very happy to hear from any readers with any additional information/photographs (especially old ones)   you may have about the family.

In addition, if you are part of the family or a friend of the family and would like more information then please email the  with as many details as possible of your request. We will then seek permission from appropriate parties and provide you with what information we can. 

We will update this site from time to time.


Please feel free to add a message in our guest book

If you have any announcements you would like to make on the site please let us know.


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