Pears Connections

Campion High School

Campion Old Boys - London 1963ish
Sitting--- Jackie Cooper; Lancy Shafton; Malcom /Robert Lee;
Lionel Roberts; Fr. Merrifield; Eveln Cotter; Cliffy Jacobs; Melly Noronha;
?????????; Leslie Cotter; Antoine D'Cruz.

Second Row left to right---  Gerry Micetich; Dougie Desmier; Melcome Desmier;
???????; ??????; Gladwin Dennis; Oscar Rodrigues; ??????; BillyRodrigues; Popsy ( Joseph) D'cruz.

Top Row left to right----- Duncan Pears; Hillary D'cruz; Milton Pears;Stenny Pears; Eugene Desmier;
Robbie Desmier; Vincent Fernandez; ????? Gomes; Bazil D'cruz; Wally Pears; Ivan Jacob

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