Pears Connections

Children of Wilfred Joseph Pears and Maude Isabella Coghlan
Wilfred Joseph Pears( b 1882?, d 5 Aug.1954)  & Maude Isabella Coghlan ( b 28 Feb.1888; d 29 Sept.1929)
Married at Baptist Church, Madras 17th April 1907
Groom is bachelor, age 24, Driver S.I. Railway Villupuram father Joseph Frederick.. Bride is Spinster, age 20, a British subject in Madras. Father Henry.

Wilfred Pears was a train driver at Villupuram and Madura and was an exceptionally good tennis player.Here are some trophies:

Maude's father, Henry, was an engineer (PWI) at Trichy and on the Nilgiris railway. He also designed and built the steel structure at Egmore station.
Photograph taken in the mid 1920's


Frederick (last we heard of Freddie was in Agra; married Enid ?.)



Vivian Pears married Leonora Quinn:


Ethel Mary (Dotty) married Alphonso Berger:

Spent many years in Tanjore, S. India


Florence Elizabeth (Florrie) married Edgar Fuller

Spent many years in Trichy, S. India


Charles married Avril Fernandez


Harold married Mary Mecitich

Harold was a very fine billiards player and won many important trophies.

Risper, Christabel, Otto Fuller, Gordon, Audrey

Mary, Walford, Harold

Richard (Dickie)  married Mary ?

Lived in Madura



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