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History of India 

British Raj

Digital Colonial Documents (India)

Romance of Empire - India

East India Company  

The story of Lord Clive

Sir Robert Clive

Another take on Sir Robert Clive

Brief story of Yale (Yale University's connection with India)

British Wars in India 1610-1945

Auxiliary Regiments (G D Pears was a Sergeant in South Indian Railway Battalion) 

List of Regiments - British Indian Army - 1903

List of Regiments - British Indian Army - 1922 

Auxiliary Force India (1939) 

Conductor of Ordnance

Anglican history in India: (Revs. Schreyvogel & Edward Jarrett Jones) were part of these early days and figure in some articles

Christian Missions

Cardinal Newman's influence on missions (Pargiter connection)

Memory lane (KGP): Railway colony; shed; institute; dances. Lots of lovely photos of KGP but brings memories of many other Railway towns

Battle of Cuddalore

Royal Society of India

The life of Bishop Wilson:. (A wonderful read about life in India in the early 1800s)

History of Indian Railways

Start of Indian Railways

OUR OLDEST INDIAN MISSION A Brief History of the Vepery (Madras) Mission 1897

Old Photos of India - Don't miss the index on the right

Modern tourist Images of India

Haunting India - Margaret Deefholts

Some evocative images of South India

Some Youtube clips of South India 

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