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Ancestors: Misconceptions and Paradoxes

The following links are provided because they were all used with varying degrees of success to provide information on our ancestors. This is by no means an exhaustive list. Also, in addition, there can be no substitute for intuitive use of search engines. In searching bear in mind that names have been spelled in numerous ways in the past and could have been transcribed differently.  For example, Wilfred Pears is variously referred to as Winfred, Wilford and Wilfrid in documents. Warwick Dashwood Bussell was variously referred to as Deskwood, Russell and Coghlan had been referenced as Goghlan and Coghtan. So if you don't find who you are looking for immediately be inventive and try out all kinds of variations on the spelling of names.

Learn how to Use India Office - British Library

India House - London

                         British India Office Births & Baptisms


UK Free Search of Cencus (1841 - 1891)

LDS Microfilms of Church registers in India

                        British Army Service Records 1760-1915

Indian Army List - Madras 1760 - 1834  

Records (Index) of Indian Railways - National Archives

East India Directory 1802:

Who do you think you are:

FIBIS (Families in British India Society)

LDS Microfilms for Madras Presidency Church Records



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