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Name: mosespears
E-mail address: moses.pears@tvs.in
Homepage URL: http://www.pearsfamily.fsworld.c
Comments:I am Moses Pears son of Richard ( Dicky) & Mary Pears of Madurai, grandson of Winfred & Maude Pears.
I live in Madurai, work as Manager for TVS Ashok Leyland, a Rotarian & I am the President of the All India Anglo Indian Association Madurai Branch.My wife is Caroline (Surrao) Pears, she is on the Railways & my son Richard Pears is studying Engineering.
Great job you are doing & thanks to your efforts.
Monday, January 20th 2014 - 12:35:41 PM
Name: Vivien Dowling
E-mail address: vivien.dowling at cdu.edu.au
Homepage URL: http://www.pearsfamily.fsworld.c
Comments:My parents were Dunstan and Dorothy Pears, Dunstan is son to Charles and Beryl Pears. I know the Pears family were famous for tennis players, any known squash players out there. We have an Australian Junior Champion in our family and would like to know if there are any others out there and where the genes may have come from. ps. Good to see the site is still alive and full of information on Pears.
Tuesday, July 24th 2012 - 01:47:25 AM
Name: Ernie Glover
E-mail address: WERG at shaw.ca
Homepage URL: http://www.pearsfamily.fsworld.c
Comments:Lucy Pears was my great grandmother.(daughter of George Pears and Selina Dunn.)
I am still trying to find info on John Pears and wife Mary; grand parents to George.

Thank you,
Ernie Glover,
B.C. Canada.
Tuesday, July 3rd 2012 - 11:27:15 PM
Name: Wendy
E-mail address: wysalter at googlemail.com
Homepage URL: http://www.pearsfamily.fsworld.c
Comments:Hi - I am a great-grandaughter of Adelaide Coke (nee Bussell) My grandfather was Rev. Sidney Coke, second son of Rev. John Henry Coke and Adelaide. They had 3 sons and 3 daughters. Are there any pictures of Adelaide? Very interesting to find your website.
Sunday, June 24th 2012 - 10:06:14 PM
Name: Teresa B
E-mail address: stccbrown at netzero dot com
Homepage URL: http://www.pearsfamily.fsworld.c
Comments:I am the granchild of Edward Warick Bussell born 1893 Madras. I believe son of John Edward Bussell, son of John and Christina. My mother, Edward Warick's daughter still living and looking for these connections. She will be very happy to know the story. I do have some photos that may fill in some blanks that I could send to you if you are interested.
Saturday, April 21st 2012 - 02:55:26 AM
Name: Mick
E-mail address: jamesstewart4 at bigpond dot com
Homepage URL: http://www.pearsfamily.fsworld.c

Well done Bethany - a most interesting site.
I am the grandson of Mary Ethelinda Pears (Scurville). My mother Bella is now 90 and still has fond (albeit slightly dimmed)memories of the Pears, Henderson and Gallyot clans and the good times she had in Villlupuram.

Warm wishes to you and the extended family!
Tuesday, July 12th 2011 - 02:11:52 PM
Name: Gavin Pears, Master Mariner
E-mail address: gavinpears at hotmail dot com
Homepage URL: http://www.pearsfamily.fsworld.c
Comments:Greetings to you all,
Fabulous website with an amazing amount of work put in. Very interesting to see so far back. I even see that my Mum & Dad (Gene & Mary) signed the dreambook back in '06.
Dad is the son of Vivian & Leonora Pears. My wife Karen (from Leeds) and I have 3 children Alexandria, Eleanor & Aaaron and we live in Ireland. Presently I write this from the Caribbean on a cruiseship called the Ruby Princess which I work on as 2nd in command. I belive the only one left following on the seafaring tradition. Uncle Peter (extra Master Mariner) has since retired from ships but does keep his hand in. Dad left the sea back in the sixties.

I look forward to more articles, thanks for setting this up.

Best wishes to one and all
Sunday, March 13th 2011 - 11:11:37 PM
Name: paula smith
E-mail address: sarena1974 at hotmail.co.uk
Homepage URL: http://www.pearsfamily.fsworld.c
Thursday, February 3rd 2011 - 03:07:38 AM
Name: michelle
E-mail address: shellsmith70 at hotmail.com
Homepage URL: http://www.pearsfamily.fsworld.c
Comments:hi my names michelle smith my gran is jos riley her sister is wilfred pears i would love to know more of my family
Wednesday, February 2nd 2011 - 10:43:35 PM
Name: Alan Goodchild
E-mail address: goodya at icenet.com.au
Comments:Hi, I am married to Camille sister of Norma Pears (Rencontre)
whose late husband was Fred Pears son of George Pears and Annie Louisa Bond.

I have complete details of people in a family photo taken at a wedding in Perth in September 1962.

Back Row - Mr Guest, Fred Pears, Mrs Guest, Gordon Pears, Annie Pears (Bond), George Pears, Sheila Dragwidge and Peter Dragwidge (the married couple) Norma Pears (Rencontre) and Camille Rencontre

Front Row Charles Pears, Barbara (Godber) and Dick Pears, Alison Pears (child of Barbara and Dick) and Bobby Ran Ross
Thursday, January 27th 2011 - 02:21:02 AM
Name: David Pears
E-mail address: d.pears at sky.com
Homepage URL: http://www.pearsfamily.fsworld.c
Comments:Hi. I haven't had a look at the site for a while. It is excellent and a credit to all of you. Really interesting reading through the different people and professions over the generations. Brilliant!!
David (Duncan and Flo's youngest)
Monday, September 27th 2010 - 05:21:05 PM
Name: Geraldine Pyatt
E-mail address: foxypyatt at hotmail.com
Homepage URL: http://www.pearsfamily.fsworld.c
Comments:Hi Bethany, I am Gerry, your Grandads neice. I have enjoyed looking at your site, its so interesting and your hard work has helped unite our family.I just wanted to pass on the news that I am a Nana now of 3 grandchildren. I will try and send a few pictures of them to add to the website. Send my love to your Grandad and and the family
Love Gerrt xx
Monday, June 28th 2010 - 08:45:11 PM
Name: Eardly Pears
E-mail address: candidapears at ymail.com
Homepage URL: http://www.pearsfamily.fsworld.c
Comments:Eardly Pears son of Dicky pears from Madurai would like to join the Pears family tree.
Sunday, May 16th 2010 - 05:14:57 PM
Name: Colin Pears
E-mail address: colin at pearsy.co.uk
Homepage URL: http://www.pearsy.co.uk
Brilliant site. I'd come across it before but didn't think there was any relation to the Pears' that I've been researching from Great Dalby (Dalby Magna) in Leicestershire.
Anyway it looks like there is, since I know about a Frederick Pears from Great Dalby born circa 1855. It's a bit sad what happened to Fredericks parents (both died young), so it's good to see it turnd out so well for Frederick.

Anyway now the great news, I've traced Frederick Pears family back to John Pears born circa 1600.......... and we may all be related...
Wednesday, March 31st 2010 - 11:40:10 PM
Name: Meighan Pears
E-mail address: pears3kids at sympatico.ca
Homepage URL: http://www.pearsfamily.fsworld.c
Comments:I am Bruce Pears' granddaughter. I was born in 1995. My dad is Ross Pears, son of Bruce. I have a sister named Rachael, born 1997 and a brother named Eric, born 1999. We live in Aurora, Ontario. I really like your web site.
Thursday, November 26th 2009 - 03:05:43 AM
Name: Cedric Jackson
E-mail address: jackson_cr at hotmail.com
Homepage URL: http://www.pearsfamily.fsworld.c
Comments:It was good to see pictures of Campion High School. I remember Wally and Jude at school. Thanks Jude.
Incidentally my son-in-law's sister Tawryn is married to Darryl Fernandes son of Audrey and Austin. It's a small world.
Cedic Jackson
Friday, October 23rd 2009 - 11:48:01 AM
Name: Vivien Dowling
E-mail address: vivien.dowling at cdu.edu.au
Homepage URL: http://www.pearsfamily.fsworld.c
Comments:Hi there, I am Vivien, daughter of Dunstan Pears, better known as 'Bruce' Pears. Would love to hear from any Pears people.
Friday, October 23rd 2009 - 08:07:56 AM
Name: Merle L. Pears
E-mail address: Mapples54 at wmconnect.com
Homepage URL: http://www.pearsfamily.fsworld.c
Comments:I am from the American branch of the Pears Family. Two brothers left England and emigrated to the USA in early 1800s. They were from Long Clawson. Most of the Pears clan lived in Pennsylvania, Mercer and Crawford Counties. I have a public tree in Ancestry.com. You are welcome to look.
Friday, September 26th 2008 - 08:52:24 PM
Name: Susan Pears
E-mail address: susan.pears at peelsb.com
Homepage URL: http://www.pearsfamily.fsworld.c
This is a great website! I have a sister Angela Pears and a brother Ross Pears. We are the children of Bruce George Pears (1929-2006), and Sheila Pears ( 1934-2004)Bruce Pears was Born in Burma, he was the son of George and Beryl Pears.Sheila Pears was born in Yorkshire, England daughter of Edward Duffy and Annie ? We have an Aunt Thelma Russell nee Pears and Uncle Dunstan Pears who live in Australia. There is a correction to the Pears' family information:Dunstan Pears was the in the airforce in WWII not my father Bruce Pears. I have provided a link of a picture of my father ( Bruce Pears).http://www.fieldhockey.ca/archives/teams/99panam/canada.html He played in the Pan Am games, 1967 for Winnipeg Canada. He is the one on the top far right.
Monday, June 2nd 2008 - 05:28:35 PM
Name: webmaster
Homepage URL: http://www.pearsfamily.fsworld.c
Comments:Mel's email address has been forwarded to Ernie.
Friday, December 7th 2007 - 03:01:44 PM
Name: Ernie Glover
E-mail address: WERG at telus.net
Homepage URL: http://www.pearsfamily.fsworld.
Comments: To Pears Family,
I'm trying to contact Melinda Mathis; to Cc:- info going to Walford.
Does anyone have her current E-mail address.

Sunday, November 4th 2007 - 03:59:46 PM
Name: Ernie Glover
E-mail address: WERG at telus.net
Homepage URL: http://www.pearsfamily.fsworld.c
Comments: Hello Bethany,
Do you update the Pears chart on this site? If so;I have some info on Lucy Pears. I have'nt had time to enter Pears from this site to my program. Kinship report will be nice to peruse on occasion.
Ernie Glover, some kind of cousin.

Saturday, October 27th 2007 - 06:02:41 PM
Name: Ernie Glover
E-mail address: WERG at telus.net
Homepage URL: http://www.pearsfamily.fsworld.c
Comments:Hi, I,m the 2nd-Great grandson of George Pears.
Lucy Pears married My Great Grandfather Thomas Glover.
Tuesday, October 23rd 2007 - 01:26:34 AM
Name: Pauline Currien
E-mail address: pemcg at zenhouse.eclipse.co.uk
Homepage URL: http://www.pearsfamily.fsworld.c
Comments:Would love to email you with information update on the Snow, White Gallyot genealogy as well as extra snippets about the Gallyots. Please contact me
Friday, October 19th 2007 - 08:45:52 PM
Name: Darrin D Pears
E-mail address: ddpears at yahoo.ca
Homepage URL: http://www.pearsfamily.fsworld.c

What a nice web page you have. I am sending you this e-mail greeting from: Victoria, British columbia Canada. I am the son of Jack Mavin Pears, from Calgary, Alberta Canada.
It would be interesting to see where our side of the "Pears family tree" connects into your tree.

best wishes,

Darrin Douglas Pears &
Jocelyn Pears (Wife)
Thursday, October 18th 2007 - 03:50:55 AM
Name: Webmaster
Homepage URL: http://www.pearsfamily.fsworld.c
Comments:A 16th century Pears Coat of Arms has the Latin motto of Nihil amanti durum - Translated into english it means "Nothing is hard for one who loves"
Tuesday, October 16th 2007 - 08:34:18 PM
Name: Webmaster
Homepage URL: http://www.pearsfamily.fsworld.c
Comments:About two years ago we removed all references to current generations to avoid any possibility of identity theft which has become prevalent. It is a shame that we can't publish it but that is the reality.
Tuesday, October 16th 2007 - 08:20:41 PM
Name: joe
Homepage URL: http://www.pearsfamily.fsworld.c
Comments:best wishes
Saturday, October 13th 2007 - 02:50:09 PM
Name: Joe
Homepage URL: http://www.pearsfamily.fsworld.c
Comments:just curious and have a look
Saturday, October 13th 2007 - 02:36:40 PM
Name: Glenn Fernandez
E-mail address: glenn_fernandez@hotmail.com
Homepage URL: http://www.pearsfamily.fsworld.c
Comments:need to update the family tree- the children name and country of resisdence.
Tuesday, August 21st 2007 - 01:11:08 AM
Name: imo
E-mail address: imo@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://www.pearsfamily.fsworld.c
Comments:keep it up
Monday, July 2nd 2007 - 09:07:00 PM
Name: andriea mary pears
E-mail address: andriea_pears07@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://www.pearsfamily.fsworld.c
Comments:Hi i am grand daughter of richard pears daughter of richard eardly pears we live in madurai .i just like to thankyou all for this update in the site
Saturday, March 17th 2007 - 02:24:24 PM
Name: Shane
E-mail address: eggs378@hotmail.com
Homepage URL: http://www.pearsfamily.fsworld.c
Comments:Hi everyone, I am trying to help little kieran pears with his homework and he has to try and think of, or find a family motto. By the time one has been posted it will be too late but i thought it would be interesting to find out, any ideas?
Saturday, March 10th 2007 - 06:01:03 PM
Name: Gene & Mary Pears
Homepage URL: http://www.pearsfamily.fsworld.c
Comments:Dear Pears/Associated Families everywhere....

Greetings and best wishes for a wonderful Christmas and a peaceful, healthy and happy 2007.

God Bless you all,

Gene, Mary, Rona & Family, Gavin & Family
Friday, December 8th 2006 - 11:38:47 AM
Name: Imelda
E-mail address: imeldapears@btinternet.com
Homepage URL: http://www.pearsfamily.fsworld.c
Comments:Bethany it's been a while since I looked at this site - it is a wonderful piece of work. Hope you, Daniel, your dad, Sallie and the rest of the family are all well.
Enjoy the rest of the summer break (can't say the weather, sadly!). Have you or Daniel had any exams...if so, hope you are smiling.
Monday, August 21st 2006 - 05:04:50 PM
Name: Christine
E-mail address: dachris75@hotmail.com
Homepage URL: http://www.pearsfamily.fsworld.c
Comments:Hi Bethany
This is Christine, your granddad's first couz. I live in Sydney, Australia and the 2nd of 11 children to Cynthia & Desmond Wood. I noticed you didn't have a msg at all for 2006 so I thought I'll be the first to post one.
How are you going with your research? We have a website where you can keep abreast with the rest of my family here in Sydney it is at msn.com and its called the Indian Villa. I'll talk to you again soon. Stay cheerful till then. Love to all the old folks and you.
Saturday, June 10th 2006 - 01:51:18 PM
Name: Nick Hodgson
E-mail address: shaznnick@optusnet.com.au
Homepage URL: http://www.pearsfamily.fsworld.c
Comments:I'm the bearer of sad news.
On the 17/01/06 Kathleen Florence Henderson ( Wife of William Thomas Henderson ) passed away in Sydney NSW Australia.

A branch of our family has withered and died, yet the fruit borne florishes
Monday, June 5th 2006 - 04:55:01 AM
Name: Michelle Bonaccordo
E-mail address: bonaccordo@primusonline.com.au
Homepage URL: http://www.pearsfamily.fsworld.c
Comments:This is fantastic ! My name is Michelle Bonaccordo and my great - grandmother was Ada Pears who was married to William Oliver. My 4 year old son Riley had to do a quick family tree for school when I came across your web site. I was so excited to see my Uncle Nick and cousins Zena, Stanley and Cheryl - ann had left messages. I also have a 2 year old daughter (Neana).
If you have any questions please feel free to email me.
Wednesday, September 21st 2005 - 12:00:39 PM
E-mail address: angela.wild1@tesc.net
Homepage URL: http://www.pearsfamily.fsworld.c
Comments:I also have a Pears connection, my grandmothers maiden was Gertrude Pears she had two sisters Mabel & Edith. She also had two brothers Charles & (Harold)? Their farthers name was Joseph Pears born in 1855 his wife was Sarah nee Blasdale. Joseph re married after his wifes early death. The family lived at 85 Robin Hood Chase Nottingham. That is all I know,hope it is of some help.

yours Angela Wild.

Wednesday, November 17th 2004 - 02:38:52 PM
Name: Lionel Scurville
E-mail address: lionel.scurville at vanco.co.uk
Comments:Hi Bethany,

My name is Lionel Scurville and I am the grandson of Alfred and Lily Scurville. My father was Winston Scurville and I remember him telling me of Mary Pears.

I was absolutey thrilled to find your website and think it is fantastic ( I hope you got an A for this! )

If you want to find out a bit more about this side of the family feel free to drop me an email - are we distant cousins?

Once again let me congratulate you on a great website!



Thursday, November 11th 2004 - 07:49:31 PM
Name: Kathy Dracup
E-mail address: aussierock@msn.com
Homepage URL: http://www.pearsfamily.fsworld.c
Comments:Hi, i saw your page today, we have some Pears in our family tree.. they are Gillian (Nee Griffiths ) who married Peter Pears , who was in the British Navy or Merchant Marines..Gillian has 3 sisters, Maureen , Jennifer and Brenda (who is a travel agent in South Australia..Gillians father was Maurice Griffiths, His Younger Sister was Marjorie Griffiths who married Percy Dracup...in india.. if this rings any bells for your family, would you please contact us at aussierock@msn.com Love the web page- good work!! P.s., my sister -in - law , Wendy (nee Dracup) Perry would love to get in contact with Peter and Gillian Pears again..you can also find us on india-L@rootsweb.com
Thursday, September 9th 2004 - 04:03:21 AM
Name: Gaynor halls
E-mail address: gaynorhalls@hotmail.com
Homepage URL: http://www.pearsfamily.fsworld.c

I stumbled across this in one of my many web wanderings.

I am the exwife of Charles Pears D. O. B 28 Jan 1958 formerly of Worthing Sussex, Great Grandson of Charles Pears the painter featured on your website. His father Dion Pears was also a painter of some worth as was his grandfather Philip Pears. Chas was told his great grandfather died on the day he was born, he is alive and well and a member of the Professional Golfers Association.

He is now living in Swindon, Wiltshire. I am sure he can be contacted via the PGA.
Sunday, August 22nd 2004 - 01:17:40 PM
Name: Pabby Rao
E-mail address: pabbyrao@yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://www.pearsfamily.fsworld.c
I studied in Calcutta at the Marine College FIFTY YEARS AGO, and I had a great friend Bramwell Walton Pears, who I find passed away. In my attempts in LOCATING him, I have FOUND all of you and the lineage of the PEARS' family as far back as you have catalogued here in your site. I know all of the siblings will appear in pictures, here, some time when the work you have started will be updated from time to time. I will surtely keep in touch with your site and get to know more in detail as time progresses. I am also getiing in touch with the Auzie section of the family to delve deeper and find the links provided there in. I wish you and the Family of PEARS all the best, that, this global village has to offer. Now, Keep Good Health and Enjoy Life.
Pabby Rao.
{(Name: Gina Kilmartin
E-mail address: sandgkilmartin at ozemail.com.au
Homepage URL: http://www.pearsfamily.fsworld.c
Comments: hi my name is Gina Kilmartin nee Pears! my father is Rene Pears and his parents are Leonora and Vivian Pears. I live in Sydney, Australia with my husband, Shaun Kilmartin, and our four daughters, Julie, Ashlee, Rachel and Shannon. I never knew this site existed but im looking foward to seeing how many relatives i didn't know i had.
Monday, December 23rd 2002 - 09:34:57 AM0)}

Tuesday, August 3rd 2004 - 05:42:54 PM
Name: Sten Pears
E-mail address: stenpears@hotmail.com
Homepage URL: http://www.pearsfamily.fsworld.c
Comments:Hi Bethany,
I am your grandad's brother. You didn't recognise my voice when I last spoke to you over the telephone.
I feel so happy and warm to think I am a Pears and by your hard work I can trace my history (genes) back many generations. As I live in Ireland I must send you the latest Irish connections made by my daughters Anne and Audrey.

By the way how is Sussex doing in cricket this year?
Lots of love.
Monday, July 26th 2004 - 08:02:39 PM
Name: Geoffrey Henderson
E-mail address: geoffrey_e_henderson at yahoo.co.in
Homepage URL: http://www.pearsfamily.fsworld.c
Comments:Hello Bethany,

My name is Geoffrey Edward Henderson. My Grandfather is Kenneth Edward Henderson and my father is William Edward Henderson.

I am pleased to have come across a web site like the one you have and it is good see the branches of the Henderson family also included in your website.

Excellent work, keep in touch.


Monday, June 28th 2004 - 07:14:29 AM
Name: jill pears
E-mail address: jpears at int.cunninghamlindsey.com
Homepage URL: http://www.pearsfamily.fsworld
Saturday, June 26th 2004 - 06:04:44 PM
Name: Melinda Mathis
E-mail address: memmathis at yahoo.com
Homepage URL: http://www.pearsfamily.fsworld.c
Comments:Very nice. I told my kids I wanted them to take and ancestor this summer. I will have to show them your site so they know they are not the only teenagers doing family history research.

You did a great job on your site. My husband's 3rd Great Grandfather was George Pears (not yours -- it would actually be the nephew of your George Pears, b.1834). My husband's George Pears died in Lafayette County, Mississippi, in 1935. I know that his father was William (your George Pears' brother) and his grandfather was Joseph Pears. Other than knowing that Joseph Pears married Elizabeth Band in 1823, in Stoke, England, and they had 3 other children besides your George and my William, that is all I know.

Great job, and keep up with your research!
Tuesday, May 18th 2004 - 04:53:21 PM
Name: Jill Pears
E-mail address: jpears at int.cunninghamlindsey.com
Homepage URL: http://www.pearsfamily.fsworld.c
Comments:Hi Bethany,

My husband is Peter Pears, son of Vivian Pears who is the brother to your Great-Grandad George. Vivian is a sprightly 95 years old and has 15 grandchildren and 20 great-grandchildren at the last count.

I really enjoy browsing through your wonderful site and have sent you a separate e-mail correcting a few minor errors in our family and a couple of additions. Hope you received it.

Well done and I look forward to learning more about this huge family!

Every good wish

Thursday, March 11th 2004 - 12:16:51 PM
Name: Zena Mildred Waddington
E-mail address: zmwadd at smartchat.com.au
Homepage URL: http://www.pearsfamily.fsworld.c
Comments:Hi Bethany,
I am the daughter of Ethel Brady (nee Henderson) who is the daughter of Ada Henderson (nee Pears). I married Bernard Waddington and I have 2 children, Wayne (who married Debbie Bushell and they have a son, Ryan)and Laverne who now lives in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. I was born in Madras in 1932 and migrated to Australia with my husband and 2 children in 1962. I was so excited when I got on to your website and I think you have done an excellent job. My daughter was so very excited to read that she has an alpacca weaving great, great aunt (?) as she weaves with alpacca wool in Bolivia. Thanks go to Cheryl-Ann who first made me aware of the wonderful job you have done.
Wednesday, January 28th 2004 - 04:15:34 AM
Name: Cara Pears
E-mail address: pearsc at woldingham.surrey.sch.uk
Homepage URL: http://www.pearsfamily.fsworld.c
Comments:this is such a great idea...and brilliant to look through!!! hope you are all well - take care xx
Wednesday, January 21st 2004 - 05:09:59 PM
Name: anthony Pears
E-mail address: crazypezza at hotmail.com
Homepage URL: http://www.pearsfamily.fsworld.c
Comments:quite amazed by all this work and the website. happy xmas and new year to all the family across the globe.
Thursday, January 8th 2004 - 02:20:49 PM
Name: Deb Murph
Homepage URL: http://www.pearsfamily.fsworld.c
Comments:I can't believe a 10 year old did this...it's definitely too good, well done! Well I live in Perth, Western Australia with my parents (since I'm 16), my sister Tara (who's almost 13) and my cat Gizmo. None of us really had any idea that this family is SO DAMN BIG! Australia's nice u should really come and may be visit.
Sunday, March 2nd 2003 - 08:09:35 AM
Name: Gina Kilmartin
E-mail address: sandgkilmartin at ozemail.com.au
Homepage URL: http://www.pearsfamily.fsworld.c
Comments:hi my name is Gina Kilmartin nee Pears! my father is Rene Pears and his parents are Leonora and Vivian Pears. I live in Sydney, Australia with my husband, Shaun Kilmartin, and our four daughters, Julie, Ashlee, Rachel and Shannon. I never knew this site existed but im looking foward to seeing how many relatives i didn't know i had.
Monday, December 23rd 2002 - 09:34:57 AM
Name: yaowanart sangkarat
E-mail address: songseel at hotmail.com
Homepage URL: http://www.pearsfamily.fsworld.c
Comments:hello wally, daniel and bethany. i'm very glad to see your family tree. alls in your web site are very interesting. i wish i could have my own web site but i don't know how to create. your granddad is an intelligent man. i read his poem that make me cry.nice to be some part in your web site. lots of love. yao.
Tuesday, November 12th 2002 - 04:34:30 PM
Name: Stafford Henderson
E-mail address: henderson_sls at hotmail.com
Homepage URL: http://www.pearsfamily.fsworld.c
Comments:Hi Bethany,
Just been reading through this website, which was passed on to me by my mum (Treasure)through Cheryl-Ann(my first cousin). Her mum (Hyacinth) and my dad (Lionel)are sister and brother. It was nice going through this site and to think of the wonderful information and work you have put together on this website. It is really exciting to know more about the family tree from you. I have just recently (1999) migrated from India (Madras) to the United Kingdom (Croydon) with my wife and two children. I love this website and promise to keep in touch. Anyway keep up the good work, take care and keep smiling :)

Stafford, Gail (my Wife), Melissa (my daughter-7 years) and Mark (my son-8 months)
Friday, June 14th 2002 - 02:52:14 PM
Name: Rhoda Wood
E-mail address: katwood@eth.net
Homepage URL: http://www.pearsfamily.fsworld.c
Comments:Bethany, I am married to your grandpa's cousin Kevin Wood and we live in Pondicherry. We have one son Duane who is 18 years old. He is a spastic quadriplegic since he was 2 and a half years old following Lymphatic lukeamia. He is a beautiful boy and I will send u some photographs later. We met your grandpa Wally in Pondy many years ago. I am a medical doctor and I specialise in delivering babies. I love your website and promise to keep in touch. Keep smiling. Rhoda.
Saturday, April 27th 2002 - 04:24:29 PM
Name: Nick Hodgson
E-mail address: NicknShaz at bigpond.com.au
Homepage URL: http://www.pearsfamily.fsworld.c
Comments:I applaud your site, extremely interesting.

I am part of the Henderson connection based in Australia.

We visited India many years ago (1984)and enjoyed the photo gallery of places we visited whilst there.

I am married to Sharon Hodgson (Nee Henderson) daughter of William Thomas & Kathleen Florence.

We have 2 children Alison & Amy

If I can fill any further blanks please don't hesitate to email me.

Sunday, March 10th 2002 - 09:04:04 PM
Name: Daniel.C
E-mail address: Daniel_Crazy at @hotmail.com
Homepage URL: http://www.pearsfamily.fsworld.c
Comments:a very good site
Sunday, January 13th 2002 - 03:03:45 PM
Name: Duncan and Flo Pears
E-mail address: dgfcpears at aol.com
Homepage URL: http://www.pearsfamily.fsworld.c
Comments:Hello Bethany and Daniel. Happy New Year!

We enjoy looking through all the information in your website and it is really exciting to learn more about the family from you.


Uncle Duncan, Aunty Flo and all the family.
Sunday, January 6th 2002 - 12:19:20 PM
Name: Cheryl-Ann Shivan (nee Brown)
E-mail address: cherylshivan at eth.net
Homepage URL: http://www.pearsfamily.fsworld.c
Comments:Dear Bethany,
I'm your Grandpa's cousin Hyacinth's daughter. Complicated isn't it? (Actually it is more complicated. Your great grand father and my grandmother are first cousins) I love looking into family trees and was delighted to find this one. My grandmother's Mum was a Pears but her name is missing from the list of children mentioned. Will e-mail your grandpa the information which you can add on to your family tree. Keep up the good work.
Cheryl-Ann, Shivan (my husband), Rhea and Zoe,(my two daughters aged 9 and 4.)
Thursday, January 3rd 2002 - 05:04:43 PM
Name: Marie D'silva (nee Wood)
E-mail address: diandre77 at hotmail.com
Comments:Hi Bethany
I am the last daughter of Desmond & Cynthia Wood.
I Loved the web page & I think you've done a great job. Will recommend it to all the family.
Keep Smiling!
Marie, Berry(husband) & Diandre(son)
Thursday, December 13th 2001 - 10:40:24 AM
Name: Daniel.C
E-mail address: Daniel_Crazy47 at hotmail.com
Homepage URL: http://www.pearsfamily.fsworld.c
Comments:Hello I am sighing in for fun

Wednesday, December 5th 2001 - 08:46:32 PM
Name: Grandad W
E-mail address: wpears at plantrac.com
Homepage URL: http://www.plantrac.com
Comments:Hi Bethany
How are you today? Did you know Fulham beat newcastle 3 -1?
Love from
Grandad W
Sunday, November 18th 2001 - 08:57:48 PM
Name: Grandad W
E-mail address: wpears at plantrac.com
Homepage URL: http://www.plantrac.com
Comments:Hi Bethany
You have done well with this. I'll be the first to sign it. Wish Daniel a very happy birthday from me on the 17th.
Lots of love from
Grandad W
Thursday, November 15th 2001 - 06:20:41 PM
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