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The Whites + Gallyot

Ethelinda Gallyot (George Pears' grandmother) was married to Joseph Frederick Pears. Ethelinda was the daughter of Sarah Elizabeth White born in 1836 in Cochin, India and christened in St Francis' church there (the oldest European church in India - Vasco da Gama was buried here). Sarah Elizabeth married John Louis Gallyot on 13th June 1853 in Trivandrum (M00059-5 463297 IOR Z/N/2 v32 f178) .

Sarah Elizabeth White was the daughter of Henry Edward White and Johanna Charlotte Mulder. Henry Edward White was born in 1814 (C00066-8 506956 IOR N/2/5/563 & 564) and christened in Cochin on 5th May 1815. Johanna Charlotte  was Dutch (Cochin was owned by the Dutch until 1795). They married in 1835.  Henry Edward may have fathered two children (John & James) - mother unnamed -  prior to marrying Johanna Charlotte with whom he had Samuel Peter in 1835, Sarah Elizabeth in 1836 and Henry William in 1840. They all lived in the Cochin area.

Samuel Peter White married Mary Kennedy at Killea, Ireland in 1855. He became a sea captain and died in London in 1900. They had 6 children. (Margaret (1858), Agnes (1860 m Myers), Bridget  (1863 died young), Madeleine (1865 m Colson), Constance (1867 m Williams) and Bridget (1872).

Unfortunately we don't have any family history of Johanna Charlotte Mulder at this time.

Henry Edward White was born to Charles James White and Sarah (widow of ?? Rolland). Henry Edward never saw his father Charles James (in the army) who died just a month after he was conceived. He also lost his mother Sarah  when he was 10. Henry Edward worked as an English writer. Henry Edward died in Cochin in July 1858 in the Trivandrum area (N/2/39/215) of the Effusion of the heart.

Charles James was born on 11th December 1787 and baptised the next day at St Gregory by St Paul's, London (L/MIL/9//113). He enlisted as a cadet with the Honourable East India Company (HEIC) in 1804 (L/MIL/9/258/71v-72). He was promoted to 2nd Lieutenant in 1805 and Lieutenant in 1808 in the 1st Battalion, 7th Bombay NI. He married Sarah Rolland (a widow)  on 8th August 1813 in Kaira, Gujerat. Sadly, he died just a month later on 20th September.

Unfortunately we do not have the birth name of Sarah Rolland to follow up on that family.

Charles James White was the son of James White and Charlotte Adams married on 6th May1787 at St Lukes, Old St Islington. It is now impossible - with such common names- to be precise on records that far back but it does seem likely that Charlotte's parents are (John Adams and Ann ?). John was a carman (horse drawn tram driver).


 With much appreciation and special thanks to Pauline McGregor Currien for much of this information.


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