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The Gallyots
with special thanks to Philomena Gallyot  for the following information 

Edme  Gallyot and Catherine Naulet

Jean La Mentonnière (enamelling master) and Geneviève

Edme Gallyot de la Villette
 Marie Anne Geneviève la Mentonierre le 26/05/1727 in La Charité-sur-Loire (Ste Croix), Nièvre

Pierre Gallyot de la Vilette (b Donzy arrived Pondicherry 1766 as Notary Public 1766 - 1768)
1. Aurelie Le Roux
2. Marie F Jaffre(1769)

Eugene Marie Gallyot de la Villette (b Donzy Capt. of Merchant Ship)
Alexandrina Helena Coelho (Daughter of Lt. Coelho of the Portuguese Merchant Navy)

John Louis (b1828) 
+  Sarah Elizabeth White
Married 1853 Travancore

Robert Adolphus(b1830)
+ Philomena Gomez

Eugene Louis (B1835)
+ Mary Jean Beale

Marie Antoinette(b1837)
+ Dr William Martinz

Emelia Mariana(b1840)
+ George Charles Vanspall

Eugene Louis
+ Elizabeth Mary Scott
Madras film 0498588 1882, v63/f84   

Louisa Jane
+ George Alwyn

William George (Inspector of Police)
+ Ellen Sawyer (Daughter of Stephen Benjamin Sawyer)

Arthur William

Henry William

Louisa Jane
+ Samuel Snow

Robert Adolphus
+ Felicias Agatha Pitter

Robert Eugene
(did not marry)


Sophia Elizabeth

+ Frederick Joseph Pears

Norbert Marie
(did not marry)

Walter George
+ Mary Ann Beale


Harriet Emelia

Rodolph John
+ Caroline Mary Pochont

Rodolpho William
(did not marry)

James Victor
(did not marry)

George Louis

Eugene Louis

Emile Francis
+ Sophia mary Ann Pochont

Mary Elizabeth
+ Sebastian Dias

Joseph Emmanuel
(did not marry)


Joseph Adolphus

Theodora Jane
(Died young)

Rose Marie
(Nun of the Carmelite Order)

Elizabeth Louisa
+ John William Sawyer


Mary Elenor

Joseph Emmanuel
(Died young)





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