Pears Connections

Children of Joseph Frederick Pears and Ethelinda (Gallyot)

( i.e. siblings of Wilfred Joseph Pears)

Wilfred(Sonny)1882, Maud (b 1885), Ada (b 1887),George Harold (b 1890), Ethel Mary (1892 - Trichy), Caroline Marie (b 1894 Trichy), Charles Dunstan (b 1897), Joseline Marie (b1898), William Frederick (b 1900 Villupuram), Kathlein (1902 - 1905) and Baby (1904-1904)

We know little about William. Burma first then Australia?????.

George H Pears (married 11 Apr 1917 Rangoon) ANNIE LOUISE BOND  (daughter of William Lewis and Amelia Ann Bond)  George was a Customs Officer in Rangoon in the 1920s/30s.

Many thanks to Pauline McGregor Currien for identifying Annie Bond, Norma Rencontre and Barbara Godber and to Alan Goodchild for identifying everyone.

Standing: Mr Guest; Fred Pears; Mrs Guest; Gordon Pears; Annie (Bond) Pears; George Pears; Sheila Dragwidge; Peter Dragwidge; Norma (Recontre) Pears; Camille Recontre
Sitting: Charles Pears; Barbara (Godber) Pears; Dick Pears; Alison Pears; Bobby Ran Ross

George's other children are George and Hilary .

Charles Pears (b 1897) married Beryl Vivien Colquhoun (b 1898 Cuddalore; Christened in Villupuram) Daughter of Adam Bittleston Colquhoun and Fanny Isabel of Cuddalore ) on 26 Apr 1919 @ Vepery, Madras

(Children : 1. Dunstan . 2.Bruce. 3. Thelma)

Dunstan was also known as Bruce (small mix up with suit cases whem in RIAF). Click for another picture
Bruce played hockey for Canada in th 60s. Click for picture.

Gallery 7

Caroline Marie (Pears) b 1894

married  on 8 Jan 1913 Villupuram

William George Oliver (b 1867 - Widowed - Son of George Oliver)

Children: Herbert; Caroline; Mary

Maud Elizabeth (Pears) b 1885

married  on 16 Apr 1902 Villupuram

Rupert Dodson b 1873 (son of James Dodson)

Children: Cecil; Fred; Phylis & Gwen(twins)

Ada Rosiline (PEARS) b 1887

married on 6 Feb 1905 Madras

William Richardson Henderson b 1881 (son of Thomas Henderson)

Standing: Lionel, Dickie Oliver, Hyacinth, Bob Henderson,????, Caroline Mary Henderson
Sitting: Ada (holding baby????), Kathleen (Ba) holding ????,????

Children: Fred; Henry; Stanley; Robert; Ethel; Eileen & Charles


Mary Ethelinda (Pears) - b 1893

married First : Lawrence Scurville b 1884  m 10 Aug 1909 Villupuram d 1923

Second Marriage: Alfred Frantz b 1894 m 29 Apr 1925  Villupuram d 1938

Third Marriage: ? Middleton

Children: Fred; Joseph; John; Bob; Bella & Mavis

Jos (Joseline) Marie (Pears) b 1898

married on 16 Oct 1918 in Villupuram

Herbert Riley (son of James Riley)

Children: Mary; Florence; Shirley; Richard & Fred

Lived in Manchester

Sideline: I (Walford) met aunty Jos in Manchester around 1975. I was driving to a business meeting and came across a road I remembered from the address on letters written by her to my mum and dad in India. I rang my mum and dad for her house number. She was still there. We had a lovely evening. I noticed one of her fingers was missing. I asked her how she lost it. For those of you from India, remember those big heavy water taps (with a side push down handle) on the outside pipes....well, when she was a child one fell on her hand and chopped her finger off. It was in Villupuram.

Aunty Jos 3rd from right.

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