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This page contains links to websites that have information about some ancestors and relations of this Pears family. Whilst this is the prime purpose, readers not connected to this Pears family may find several items of interest.  Many sites have a wealth of information on Christian missions in India in the 1800s and consequently about life in India at that time. A number of these sites are e-books. i.e. old books electronically scanned for the computer. Some are transcribed manually from old manuscripts. Both types contain errors in transcription. For example  Warwick Dashwood Bussell, is variously referred to as Harwich, Daskwood, Russell. Coghlan in some places comes out as Goghlan as Caghlan. When reading the sites below, use your browser's 'Search' feature to find relevant parts within the document, but bear in mind the transcription problem just mentioned. Some pages, depending on how it is presented, may not be directly searchable. In this case look somewhere near the top to see if a 'Plain Text' option is offered. If it is offered, choose that to enable searching. Some documents are not searchable because they are presented as images.

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Gallyot & Pears

Admiral SIR Charles Henry Coke, K.C.V.O., Royal Navy (2 November, 1854 – 23 February, 1945) was a nephew of Warwick Dashwood Bussel; son of his sister Adelaide. WD Bussell was a great grandfather of George Pears. In other words one of the Admiral's grandfathers (John Bussell) is an ancestor of this Pears family through Maude (Coghlan) Pears.

The more recent

Another descendent from the Bussell/de Mey line is David Ronald de Mey Warren, the inventor of  the aircraft blackbox.

Simon Pears - Sodexo secures new head of security

Simon Pears - Sodexo

Simon Pears - Freeman of London

Walford Pears - Designer & Developer of Plantrac - World Leading Project Management Software

Plantrac - USA
Plantrac - Woking Town Centre 

'Innovator in its field'  

Plantrac - Case Studies

Anne Pears - Irish Artist
Mary Pears - A founder member of the Irish Centre of IATA/AITA (International Amateur Theatre Association) and the current President

Mary Pears
Gavin Pears - Master Mariner - Click here for pictures as Staff Captain - Ruby Princess

Sten - Galway Final Winner Sten Pears - Irish Adjudicator Award

Sten Pears receiving his area award from the Mayor of Galway for winning producer of the  Digital Show.
Sten Pears receiving his  award for  adjudicating  78 musicals over the whole of  Ireland , critqueing each  and nominating the winner. 

Dunstan 'Bruce' Pears training cadets on Tiger Moth & Harvard

Dunstan 'Bruce' Pears with a Spitfire

Rhys Dowling (grandson of Dunstan Pears)  - PSA Profile

Steven O’Reilly (grandson of Sten Pears) and Phil Hogan impress at Aussie Rules
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